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Well done

On your flash:
Good animation, good concept, well put together. 10/10 5/5
On economic theory:
Every economic system has its pros and cons. Socialism has the advantage of equal wealth throughout the society, allowing for the poor to live decent lives unlike in capitalist societies where the wealth is usually concentrated in a small portion of the population (1% of the US population controls 56% of the wealth)
However, I oppose communism because of some flaws with the theory. For instance, it is too easy to abuse. What has happened in almost all communist societies is that, against the original communist theory, the leaders of the nation will not spread the wealth evenly and give a large amount to themselves, their friends, and their relatives. Another major problem is the lack of occupational freedom. You are rarely as free to choose an occupation as you are in a capitalist society. You cannot as easily change careers halfway through your life (still difficult in capitalist societies though).
However, one thing that I despise is that both capitalist and communist societies do not understand each other. Most people living in capitalist nations simply think of communism as the people being tortured in dungeons by Hitler (who wasn't even a communist.) Most communists think of capitalism as everyone being tortured in a dungeon by Bill Gates.


the plot in no way represented the actual story. It seems like you just watched the really bad movie released about a year or two ago without actually reading the book.

AlexNewProductions responds:

uh... actually this is exactly what happened in the book, with some added stuff
the movie was totally inaccurate, and i've never seen it


very good flash. that chick in the movie was hot

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Good, but unoriginal

I have seen many games exactly like this, but this is by far the best of its kind. There was obviously a lot of hard work put into this flash and it came out very nicely. However, this is exactly like dozens of other games out there so it does not deserve a review of a 10, but it is a pretty solid flash all around.

47 KB!!!!

awesome game, but I find it hard to believe it is 47 KB (it would be more like 47 MB). Way too small to be a game, way too big to be just a window showing a game being forwarded from another site (it would be more like 4.7 KB.

As a lover of tron

As a lover of tron I dislike this game.

It has the good basic concept, but there is a lot it is missing. For instance it should have the option for rubber, it should have an internet multiplayer mode, like most tron clones on the internet.

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Anticipating the beat

I don't know whether or not this was intentional, but the bass seems to keep anticipating the beat. As someone with a background in classical music, this seems rather odd to me. This could also use a drum track in the background to enter the piece somewhere in the middle.

I bow to you sir

I worship your great audio skills

Rig responds:

Don't worship little old ME, silly.

Greatest audio EVER

Seriously, this is fucking genious

Davidzx = OWNED

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Very good

Very few drawing on the art portal reach the quality of this one. This is worth of a 10/10 5/5 and a scout.

sfox8 responds:

Thanks a bunch! I really appreciate it. =] Thank you for scouting me as well.

This is great work

Seriously man. You have the potential to become a good artist.

Talent? On this art portal? This is madness!

This is by far the best I have seen on the portal so far. 10/10 5/5

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