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Entry #1

My last words

2009-04-09 11:33:16 by Conspiracy3

NG, there are things you should know. A lot of shit is about to go down, and when the dust settles you will be hearing many lies about me and my group. You need to know that the majority of what you will be hearing will be false. Let me explain to you why all of this happens.

My life has been relatively easy. I lived as a middle class suburban in the USA. However, that ordinary "happy" life is the last thing I ever wanted. I always wanted something significant, painful, or agonizing. I always tried to reach it and failed. Whenever I needed minor surgeries I always asked to do so without any anesthetic just so that I could experience the pain and agony. Yet it was never enough. I constantly tried to stray from the herd, yet some invisible force always pushed me back in. This is not the life I ever wanted. For me this is the worst life I could imagine.

I wondered how anyone else could see this as the optimum so I began to observe those around me. All I found was that they were intellectually inferior puppets. They believe practically everything that they hear. Back when I was in high school I remember that we were all taught about abstinence and other bullshit and I was shocked to realize that they all believed everything they heard without any empirical proof to back it up. I was a prisoner to my own superior intellect. I could not escape such a torture. I did not want to escape such a torture.

Eventually I realized that if the people around me were all so stupid and easy to manipulate then why not I be the one to manipulate them? And so it all started. I began to observe people. Find their tiniest faults and insecurities. I would twist their wounds and gradually force them into pure agony until eventually I break them. Then I have the opportunity to mold them into a form that I find pleasing. Then they are all mine. Under my control. Under my command. And so I did this. Over the years I amassed hundreds of followers. Nearly thousands all under my controls. A zombie army that I could order to do whatever I want.

So I decided to put them to the test. Just how far could my new cult go? I started small at first. I did not want to lose their loyalty. I started with just every day pleasantries. Fetching me drinks, driving to a store. Just simple tasks. They all obeyed. I then took it a step further. Made them do arduous and meaningless tasks. They all obeyed. I gradually pushed them further and further, yet they always remain obedient. I have an entire cult. I am their leader. I have the power that I always dreamed of.

This was still not enough. I needed something more. I needed an enemy. Something that would give my group purpose and meaning. Yet I could not be the agressor. I needed someone to challenge me. I gradually made my group become more and more public. Eventually some far right evangelicals caught on and took me as their enemy. So now my group had a purpose. To destroy their group. So it began. I tried everything that I could. I tried to manipulate them and twist their false and stupid logic. Yet to no avail. I could not be successful.

Now some anti-cult people in the area began to try to persecute us. They even got the police in on the job. I tried to control every one of them yet I failed. With every person I convert to my cult ten form against me. I was running out of options. And now as the swooping hawk of our society came in for its kill I realized there was nothing left to do. I mixed drinks. Enough for my entire cult. Just an ordinary drink, but poisoned. I would not let those outside forces corrupt me. I gave the cups to everyone in my group and told them to drink. Every last one of them drank. Within five minutes every last one of them was dead.

Then I realized something. I just gave up all of my power. I was back to the very place that I started. I was out of options. I had no choices left. Our evil society was nearly at my door to tear me down. I had no followers left to defend me. I had realized the worst truth I will ever see. I have failed. I was out of choices. I had only one option left. So I type this message as I reach for a glass and prepare to drink it. Every last drop.

Now, before you accuse me of copy pasta I assure you that this is all my writing. You will find it no where on the Internet.


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2009-06-10 16:28:27

I this supposed to be metaphorical?


2009-06-13 19:27:32

Big fan on the BBS posts.


2009-06-13 19:28:05

Sorry, I meant to say, 'of'.



2009-06-18 19:14:26

You said accuse me of copy pasta, hehe pasta :3


2009-06-18 20:25:43

i lold.and i liked teh storeh :3


2009-06-19 23:44:01

Your writing style is vapid and pretentious.


2009-06-24 11:10:52

is he dead

Conspiracy3 responds:

No, but question marks and capitalization are.


2009-06-25 13:20:05

You sir, should write a book. This is a great story!


2009-06-26 12:50:24


Conspiracy3 responds:



2009-06-27 11:47:05

If i really had this much power i would either start a political party or start a revolution against my countries corrupt power


2009-06-27 17:49:21



2009-06-27 21:26:53

Is there gonna be a chapter 2?

Conspiracy3 responds:

I died in the first chapter. How the hell could there be a second? I am NOT bringing zombies into it.


2009-07-02 17:10:30



2009-07-03 18:13:08

I came to write a TL;DR I then noticed someone else left the same comment.
So I decided to be nice and leave a comment.


2009-07-04 09:04:00

I also led a cult and killed myself


2009-07-05 23:47:02

Great writing man, I sometimes feel smarter than all the dumbasses around me, I try more not to fit in, but I know that there are people of my intellegence level, that understand me, and I find them, and we hang, I think you'd definitely be someone that if I knew, I could totally hang with, Please, feel free to PM me, and chat about whatever, everyone gets lonely.


2009-07-07 11:59:24

+1 comment


2009-07-07 14:31:09

Hey man, thanks for scouting me.

Conspiracy3 responds:

You're welcome


2009-07-14 14:00:17

You're just a fag.


2009-07-20 01:31:19

Teach me how to bowl.


2009-08-24 18:05:56

Why didn't you pull a davidian, and turn the place into a Stallone movie? I mean I would have joined, if you had cake.


2009-08-26 09:33:32

Reminds me of an in depth story that family guy did, about that cult that drank punch with all that poison in it.


2009-08-30 18:12:57

Too much words...Hurts brain.


2009-09-04 20:38:16

Epic Troll is Epic :3


2009-09-12 18:25:32




2009-10-04 21:30:35

Make 10 more BBS posts. You'll have 3333!


2009-10-10 22:57:13

Fairfax!? Nice. I was born in Reston.


2009-10-12 04:29:57

kind of reminds me of a book/tv show


2009-10-12 04:30:36

Give selling rights to this and make a movie plz


2009-12-25 01:36:24

Wow. Just wow.


2010-02-23 18:01:20

Rather than finding an enemy, one should create an alliance, one in which you are both "equal". Choose the most worthy to "lead" together. Here's the psychological aspect: You the observer are doing a blind experiment in which, you the leader and your chosen one, lead together, when in reality you are in charge, having created a false second throne. Now the double blind experiment comes into play as you and your colleague declare to the eye of the common folk, as enemies. Now you and your "enemy" can create problems that you can fix because the problems do not exist. Now you have total control of a divided group, neither side is technically your enemy, because you created both of them. The two "rivals" are really co-mingling and in the end you the leader have the final say because the second throne is false.

Ps. Great intro, I could not have felt more the same.


2010-07-20 22:38:05

Little boys are sexy.


2011-08-30 11:12:35

You copied this from "Mein Kampf" right? You know...the edition that came out right before Hitler blew his brains out?.

Looks like you attempted to form the SS but failed. If it was truly the SS, your pawns/minions wouldn't have abandoned you. You may have used them but it seems like you failed to get them hooked to the bait of no return. I think you should have had some stuff for blackmail plus maybe also formed a Gestapo to spy on your enemies and find their weakness before striking blindly.

You basically led Pickett's Charge during the Battle of Gettysburg. Tsk tsk,

For Epic evil you should have worn a Darth Vader costume and referred to your minions as storm troopers. That would scare the Jesus out of them Jesuits...or the Ivan...i mean Evan out of those Evangelicals.

Was there kool-aid in that glass? it better have been red cause blue is not evil and i don't know what the hell green is even supposed to mean unless your a environmental psychopath. Oh and how could you possibly drink every last drop...anytime i drink something there is always a drop left on the bottom. Plus what would've happened if you spilled a few drops on an absorbent carpet...or your keyboard. You couldn't possibly die with drink those drops but then if they were to evaporate from the heat you wouldn't be able to drink...maybe inhale but not drink.

Nice story.


2011-08-30 12:24:55

I know who you are. You are a jew! they mastered the ways of controlling other people. Jews control the world economy. And they have a few cults too. But it turns out that your followers abandoned you. Too bad.

OK enough of this bullshit.

Nice fictional story. I relay got sucked into it. I just hope that being ''superior than others'' part, wasn't true. I really don't like that kind of people.

Sorry for my grammar mistakes.


2011-08-30 13:58:04

He couldn't be any more superior than meh. I've titled myself the Supremely Accomplished Lord of Evil. And thats only the short title.

I forgot to say but i was curious about what you meant by anti-cult people. That doesn't necessarily mean anything specific. Maybe if it was written as "Soon some of the more intelligent people began to see through my veil of control and amassed a mob".

still a cool story.


2017-04-20 01:22:56

Oh hey there, Jim. Nice blog you have here.